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Example Projects

Factory information monitoring and control systems that provide the following functionality:

  • real-time work-in process (WIP) inventory tracking, material usage, and customer order status during production.
  • manages machine control programs and automatically collects parametric production data.
  • document management and work instruction presentation system ISO-9000 conformance.
  • dynamic production scheduling based on changing conditions on the shop floor (ex: equipment out-of-service, operator qualifications, operator availability).
  • data integration with corporate ERP system to provide it with more timely production information.
  • historical production reporting with ad-hoc query capability record complete production and test histories for lot traceability, product genealogy, and for warranty and recall purposes
  • parametric quality data collection for statistical analysis, failure mode analysis, and root cause analysis
  • real-time cost and profitability analysis
  • Web-based monitoring of production via the Internet.

Other example projects:

  • Sensors to provide visibility for vendor managed inventory.
  • Optimize production workflow through the use of simulation modeling to evaluate various shop floor layout scenarios.
  • Develop and implement operational strategies.
  • Project management during system development and deployment
  • A paperless shop floor control system that tracks product, displays work instructions to operators, and controls and monitors production,


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