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Text Boxes
This design includes a text box layout, specified in the accompanying style sheet.  We have placed this text box in the special2 editable region; however, you may use them anywhere in your web.

Adding Pages

Open a new page in FrontPage 2003 (click the "blank page" icon to Create a New Normal Page in the upper left toolbar). Select Format, Dynamic Web Templates, Attach Dynamic Web Template... Locate the DWT you wish to attach in the pop-up window, and select Open.

Moving Content Among Editable Regions

Depending on the layout of the DWT you have attached, you may choose to move some of your content to other Editable Regions. To achieve this, simply cut the content from one Editable Region, paste to another, and save. Your content will not be lost on subsequent applications of DWTs; it will simply appear in the the location of the DWTIG compliant region name, or, you will select a new region in which to place it in a DWTIG non-compliant DWT design.

Unused Editable Regions on Your Page

You may elect, as we have on this page, to not place any content in the body2, body3, or special2 Editable Regions. This certainly raises questions, which we will address here:

  1. Why have the region if you aren't going to use it? The answer is simple. The beauty of the DWTIG compliant design is the ability to attach *any* other DWTIG compliant DWT to your page, and not have to go through the trouble of guessing which content goes where in future attachments.
  2. What do the unused regions look like on my published page? They don't show up. DWTIG compliant designs use comments only, which are not visible in Preview mode or when published.
  3. How do I get rid of the comment to insert new content in an unused Editable Region? Simply highlight it, hit delete, then insert your content.
  4. Can I delete the unused Editable Regions? Yes, they can be deleted on the actual .dwt file; however, if you delete unused Editable Regions in a DWTIG compliant design, the DWT will no longer be DWTIG compliant (see #1 above).


Text Column

This format, having an additional column on the right hand side, will contain all information you have specified for the body2 Editable Region

You may use headers and styles in this area, and, if the design you are using has formats for text boxes, you may use them here as well!


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