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Test & Measurement Equipment
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HP E1401A High Power Mainframe (VXI bus)      
Agilent E1441A Functional Arb Waveform Generator (VXI card)  
Agilent E1412A 6-1/2 Digit Multimeter (VXI card)      
HP E1685A STS-1/DS3 Quad Transceiver (VXI card)    
Microwave Logic ST100Tx SONET Transmission Test Set STS-1 Tx    
Microwave Logic ST100Rx SONET Transmission Test Set ST-102 Rx    
Microwave Logic ST-102 Rx SONET Transmission Test Set      
Tektronix Tek FS52 SDH/SONET Filter        
Tektronix Tek FS156 SDH/SONET Filter (sold)      
Tektronix Tek FS622 SDH/SONET Filter        
HP E1683 SONET/SDH Payload VT/TU Generator    
HP E1684 SONET/SDH Payload VT/TU Receiver    
HP Cerjac 156MTS SONET Maintenance Test Set      
Cerjac 156MTS SONET Maintenance Test Set      
HP 37704A SONET Test Set Provides a wide range of tests for verifying sonet equipment such as line systems, add drop multiplexers, digital cross connects, and line terminal multiplexers.
Tektronix ST112 SONET Transmission Test Set (w/ Options: 04/08/4C)  
Tau-tron S5250 DS3 Digital Transmission Test Set    
Antec 253326 Laser Link Fiber Monitor (LLFM) 1310nm laser source & detector
Antec 253323 Laser Link Source Module LLSM 636/1310nm laser sources 
Antec LLT LP-D7D Laser Link Transmitter XMTR LLT LP-D7D 50-750 MHz  
Antec LLT LP-E8D Laser Link Transmitter XMTR LLT LP-E8D 50-870 MHz  
HP E1460A 64 Channel Relay Module      
HP/Agilent E8460A 256 Channel Relay Mux      
HP 34520 6-1/2 Digit Multimeter      
HP 3488A Switch/Control Unit        
HP 34522 Digital I/O          
HP 34501 32 Channel Armature Relay Multiplexer    
Agilent E1442A 64 Channel Form C Switch      
Ando AQ8201-34 4X Attenuator Module      
Ando AQ8201-11 WDM DFB-LD        
HP/Agilent E1301B 75000 Ser C B-size VXI Mainframe    
   HP E1326B Multimeter          
   HP E1326B Multimeter Adapter        
EIP Model 545A Microwave Frequency Counter (CCN 2206)    
Applied Microsystems Corp ??? (ID# 59857A)        
Giga-tronics 8541 Power Meter w/ Option 1      
Philips PM 2534 system multimeter        
Tektronix TM506 Power module        
HP 3776B PCM Terminal Test Set      
Philips PM 3320 Oscilloscope (200MHz bandwidth; 2-channel; 250MS/s Sampling)
Atlantic Research Corp (Teleproducts Div) PL-951-36-1 RS-232/V.24 Interface Module      
Huntron Tracker 2000 Component Tester        
Sunrise SunSet PDH handheld PDH tester        
Sunrise SunSet E1e handheld E1 tester        
Acopian V48PT5AF 48VDC 5Amp Regulated Power Supply    
Acopian V48PT10AFHM 48VDC 10Amp Regulated Power Supply    
HP 19" Test Set rackmount server cabinets      
Agilent 19" Test Set rackmount server cabinets      
other 19" Test Set rackmount server cabinets      
Keptel large variety of network interface device (NID) enclosures    
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